Donald Trump Going to Enemy Territory—California

Stories of Donald Trump going to California act like he’s going to a hostile foreign country.

How are Californians going to react to Donald Trump going to their state? Recent history suggests it might get ugly—especially because the President is going there to see prototypes of his promised border wall.

California has been refusing to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. When the DOJ announced that they would take the state to court, Governor Jerry Brown characterized the action as an act of war.

Donald Trump is essentially visiting a rebel terrirtory.

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AFP reports, “Trump to make first trip as president to defiant California.

US President Donald Trump is heading to California, a state at the forefront of resistance to his anti-immigration agenda, for what is almost certain to be a contentious trip.

Trump’s first trip to California as president, on Tuesday, comes at a time of high tensions between his Republican administration and the Democratic-leaning most populous US state, especially on immigration issues.


Governor Jerry Brown said the Trump administration “is basically going to war against the state of California,” after the Justice Department sued to block its sanctuary laws.


The president will land at the Miramar air base in southern California and then go see prototypes of the wall he wants to build on America’s southern border.

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