Donald Trump Frustrates G20 Globalists

By maintaining American independence Trump frustrates those who want to push international schemes like carbon reduction.

When we hear that Donald Trump frustrates other leaders at the G20 Summit, we have a strong signal that he is keeping his promises to the American people. When news outlets like Bloomberg report that the U.S. is “isolated” we have good reason to hope that the Administration is putting America first, just like the President campaigned.

Bloomberg reports, “G-20 Outcome Shows Trump’s America Is Going Its Own Way.

World leaders forged a fragile compromise at a summit in Germany that failed to conceal the reality that Donald Trump’s America is increasingly going its own way.

The Group of 20 nations meeting in Hamburg agreed to fight protectionism while tacitly recognizing Trump’s concerns about excess steel capacity and what he says are unfair trade practices. On climate change, the U.S. was again isolated, with all 19 other members agreeing that the Paris accord on cutting harmful emissions was “irreversible.”

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As anti-globalization protesters clashed with police across Hamburg, burning cars and looting shops, G-20 officials struggled to bridge their differences. The difficulty in reaching a form of language acceptable to all hints at the fallout to come from the Trump administration’s breach with the postwar order and his turn toward an America First stance.

“The U.S. seems to be emphasizing ‘we retain full right to take unilateral action,”’ said Thomas Bernes, a former International Monetary Fund and World Bank official who is now a fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, in Waterloo, Canada. “They’ve stepped aside from a system which they helped largely to create and it’s a little bit rudderless now.”

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