Donald Trump Doubles Down on Illegal Immigrant Criticisms

Donald Trump has taken a lot of fire over the last weeks for some ‘impolitic’ remarks he made about illegal immigrants in a recent speech. Some in the illegal lobbyist community have attempted to frame the remarks as anti-Latino and anti-Mexican, but on CNN on Wednesday night, Trump tried to defend himself.

I didn’t say Mexicans — I said the illegal immigrants. If you look at the statistics on rape, on crime, on everything, coming in illegally into this country, they’re mind-boggling.

Trump argued with Lemon that his illegal immigrant/crime remarks were grounded in fact and supported by the wealth of stories and posts in several major news outlets, as well as in crime statistics put out by the government.

Don Lemon: I’ve read The Washington post, I read the Fusion, I read The Huffington Post. And that’s about women being raped, it’s not about criminals coming across the border entering the country. 

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Donald Trump: Somebody is doing the raping, Don, I mean, you know — I mean, somebody’s doing it. You think it’s women being raped, well who is doing the raping? Who is doing the raping? I mean how can you say such a thing.



Then, on Fox Business News, Trump went even further, saying that he would not apologize for his comments because they were completely accurate.

No, I don’t apologize. Everybody knows what’s going on. You have illegal immigrants pouring through the country. They’re incarcerated, many of them are in jails. You have hundreds of thousands of people going to state and federal penitentiaries. That just came out in Homeland Security Report. You just have to take a look at them. The crime is rampant all over the place. You have the illegals just literally pouring — and not from Mexico only, they’re coming from all over the world. You have them all over South America, but they’re coming from the Middle East. They’re coming from everywhere and they’re pouring through the border. We do nothing about it. And I am saying make the boarder strong and we will make border strong if I win.



I hope illegal immigrant activists aren’t looking for an apology from Trump, because it just doesn’t sound like there will be anything like an apology forthcoming. This is an example of why so many GOP voters have become enamored with Trump, though – he is willing to stand firm even as he faces attack from all sides. Many GOP voters agree with him on illegal immigration (and not much else), and he is really the first candidate willing to unabashedly speak out about the problems illegal immigration causes, without worrying about the fallout. Voters love that kind of display of ‘intestinal fortitude.’ This, more than anything, likely explains how and why Trump is doing so well in the current Presidential polling.

I don’t expect Trump to do much backing down.

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