Donald Trump Condemned Terrorism in Egypt

Without mentioning Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, President Trump condemned the attack in a region with increasing ISIS violence.

Trump condemned the slaughter of 233 people on twitter:

While ISIS has not yet claimed credit for the mass murder, extremist attacks have increased in the region. Like in Syria where Muslim minorities and Christians are tortured and killed by ISIS jihadists, this attack represents a murder spree by radicals against, at least, less radical Muslims.

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While Islam has inherent problems, it is worth reminding everyone, as Trump did when he called Obama and Clinton the co-founders of ISIS, that U.S. foreign policy has directly supported the rise of Jihadist killers. Our siding with terrorists in Libya and Syria may have contributed to these deaths, as well as thousands of others.

The Washington Examiner reports, “Trump condemns Egypt mosque attack as death toll soars to 235.

The attack occurred in the town of Bir Al-Abed, about 85 miles southwest of Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip in the north of the Sinai Peninsula, which since 2011 has had a low-level insurgency with links to the Islamic State.


The mosque follows the Sufi tradition within Sunni Islam, Al-Ahram reports. Jihadis detest Sufi veneration of saints.

It’s not immediately clear if ISIS-associated insurgents claimed credit.

The attack is a major escalation in violence in the remotely populated region where jihadis have beheaded alleged Israeli spies and slaughtered Egyptian security personnel in shootouts.

Read the full Washington Examiner story.

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