Donald Trump Changes His Mind Like We Change our Clothes

I’ve been complaining about Donald Trump’s popularity for a while now because I believe it is of the utmost importance that conservative voters cut ties with him as soon as possible. Why?

Well, first because we actually have several good conservative candidates running for President this election cycle and they desperately need your help! Every day spent supporting Donald Trump means less money, energy and momentum for real conservative candidates who can actually win in 2016!

Secondly, the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton is currently embroiled in a horrible scandal that will be reaching a resolution (hopefully) about the time that primary voting kicks off. In a rational world Hillary Clinton has no chance at becoming the Democrat candidate for President which would mean that one of the Democrats gallery of losers not-named-Hillary will be the candidate. Every single GOP candidate should be more than able to trounce their Democrat competition… unless we nominate Donald Trump.

Here’s the last reason I’ll mention – because not only is Trump not conservative, he also hasn’t even thought out what he really believes! The candidates have to have policy positions staked out so that we can decide which candidate has the positions that we most closely agree with – but not Trump, Trump gets to make it all up as he goes. If you need concrete examples of this, David Fahrenthold at the Washington Post has put together a list of 20 times that Trump has changed his mind on important issues… since June! JUNE!

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They include his response to the rise of ISIS, illegal immigration, tax reform, Iran and the nuclear deal, Obamacare, and more.

See for yourself:

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, has done a lot of things no other GOP candidate this year would dare try: pick a fight with Fox News. Bad-mouth prisoners of war. Wear Palm Beach casual-wear to the Iowa State Fair. Tell small children he is Batman.

But this might be the most daring: Trump seems to be making up his own platform as he goes along.

Looking back over his interviews and speeches, it appears that Trump came into the race with only a vague idea — or perhaps no idea — how he wanted to handle some major, obvious, policy issues. So, when someone pointed out a new wrinkle that Trump hadn’t thought of, he came up with a new answer. And then another.

On some issues, Trump’s campaign has gone through more than half a dozen plans in two months. And counting.  For instance…


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