Donald Trump Calls for Boycott of Apple!


In the wake of Tim Cook’s reticence to unlock Apple’s phones for the government, the GOP frontrunner is now calling for a boycott of Apple’s products. The government wants Apple to show them how to gain easier access to the private data of the phone’s owners, in this case dead Muslim terrorist Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino terrorists. The reason Cook (and Apple) is refusing to do this (just this once) for the government, is that if they do it, the government will have a blueprint to be able to do it to other Apple users in the future. Basically unlocking it this once (for a very good reason) would allow the government to use the process anytime they want in the future (possibly on innocent Americans).

Here’s what Cook said:

The implications of the government’s demands are chilling. If the government can use the All Writs Act to make it easier to unlock your iPhone, it would have the power to reach into anyone’s device to capture their data. The government could extend this breach of privacy and demand that Apple build surveillance software to intercept your messages, access your health records or financial data, track your location, or even access your phone’s microphone or camera without your knowledge.

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Opposing this order is not something we take lightly. We feel we must speak up in the face of what we see as an overreach by the U.S. government.

Obviously, Donald Trump does not agree with Cook, arguing that Apple was acting in an unpatriotic fashion by choosing not to give in to the government’s demands.

“First of all, the phone is not even owned by this young thug, the phone is owned by the government…

What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time as they give that security number. But Tim Cook is looking to do a big number, probably to show how liberal he is. Apple should give up– they should get the security, you’ll get other people [invovled in terrorist activity]. When these two young people had bombs all over their apartment. Other people saw those bombs. Those people, in a certain way, are almost as guilty as the shooter, we gotta get to the bottom of it. 

Later, the Daily Kos pointed out some ironies in Trump’s tweets… he was still using his iPhone even as he called for a boycott…


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