Donald Trump Called Ted Cruz a PU**Y in New Hampshire


In the latest example of “Donald being Donald” and pushing the PC envelope, the GOP presidential front runner just called his closest competitor a disgusting and derogatory term for the female anatomy. It was during a rally in New Hampshire on Monday night, and yes, it was done in an unsolicited fashion – but Donald Trump did indeed call [score]Ted Cruz[/score] a “Pussy” while speaking to a crowd of his supporters.

It all unfolded when a Trump supporter shouted out that Cruz was a “pussy” for not taking a strong enough stance on torturing our enemies. Trump heard the remark, asked the woman to repeat herself, and then laughed and repeated it all again for everyone to hear. Mr. Trump didn’t have to do this – he chose, explicitly, to use the incredibly coarse term against Cruz.

This isn’t about being politically incorrect, folks. This is about being a crass person who has never faced any judgment for mistreating others. Fighting against political correctness means balking when you’re told not to pray in public, or saying Merry Christmas when others say you can’t. It’s about being willing to call certain behaviors wrong, even when the prevailing culture mocks for you doing so, and it’s about standing up for what is right even when what is right is unpopular. Being politically incorrect is NOT about calling your opponents disgusting names because they disagree with you.

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America. Our children deserve better than this. It would bother you if your son’s favorite sports hero used this kind of language when talking about a rival. It would bother you if your daughter’s favorite pop star sang this about another musician in a song. It should bother you when Donald Trump says it too.

By the way, one last point to make here on a related subject.

This comment came in response to Cruz’s opposition to torture (though Cruz does not believe waterboarding to be torture). It is reprehensible that we fault others for believing that it is wrong to torture our enemies. That is a moral position based on deeply held principles, often times religious in nature. Many Americans, even faithful conservatives, believe that torture is an evil that must be avoided at all costs. On top of this, Ted Cruz has personal reasons to be against torture – namely that the corrupt Bautista government in Cuba tortured his father! You can disagree with Cruz on the issue of torture but to hurl disgusting insults at him for holding to that position is shameful.

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