Why Donald Trump Will be Bad for Midterm Elections

Editor’s Note:  We previously published an article that made the case for Trump – the pros, if you will – and it was directed to those in the “Never Trump” camp. As you can imagine, it got mixed reactions. In an effort to be fair and balanced, here is the case against Trump – the cons:

By Jacob M. Airey

The FBI director stunned the United States of America on Tuesday with his announcement that law enforcement will not move forward with their investigation or press charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The news caused reaction across social media with her supporters praising the FBI and detractors pointing out that many others, including American hero General David Petraues, were punished for lesser crimes than Clinton stands accused.

How does this effect the presidential election?

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Republican presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump has been hammering Clinton on ethics among other things. However, Trump has had his own problems with making racially insensitive remarks that have caused his supporters to rush to his defense.

The interesting thing is, Clinton has allegedly done something illegal while Trump has been vile. Of course being vile is not illegal. Yet, despite this, Clinton continues to lead most presidential polls by as much as ten percent.

On this the Never Trump camp agrees with his supporters – Clinton would be a disaster as president. However, would she be as disastrous with the midterms as Donald Trump would?

This is a serious question that Conservatives need to ask.

Already, Donald Trump is affecting the Senate and House elections in a negative light. It has been so bad that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had to assure candidates that if they are in a state or district that is not a fan of Trump, to campaign on that.

Donald Trump was not happy with the Speaker for saying that, but Ryan is correct. Conservatives are shying away from Trump more and more. Most are staying home or are considering third party options.

Meanwhile, Alt-Right alliance of Trump’s supporters can call Conservatives cucks and rats all they want, but it is not persuading them – only alienating them more.

Clinton is having the same negative effect on the Democrats. Hillary is seen an elitist who is above the law and this latest Department of Justice announcement adds fuel to the fire. Even among women, her support is slipping.

Normally, when one candidate is slipping, their opponent’s poll numbers go up. Yet, this is not happening with the Trump-Clinton showdown. Despite all of Clinton’s negatives, she is staying in the lead and that is seen by some as a weakness in Trump.

With that being the case, who is going to affect the midterms more negatively for Conservatives? Will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

The truth is, Donald Trump is bad for midterms election. Even though his evangelical Christian supporters are trying to play defense for him, he and his Alt-Right supporters continue to stir racism and Antisemitism, especially on social media. He is taking the GOP in the direction of a populist right-wing party more akin to Europe than the United States of America instead of standing for Conservative values. In the midterm elections, he will bring a wave of liberal supporters that will seat more Democrats in Congress than we saw in 2007.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton will be better for Conservatives from strictly a midterm perspective. Clinton has so much baggage and dirt, she will elect Conservatives in red, purple, and even blue states. Why? Because she will run the country like she always had, like she thinks she is smarter than anyone else. That elitist attitude is one of the things that hurt her in the 2008 election. President Barack Hussein Obama was able to hide his elitism until he became president.

She is unable to do so and as she tries to pass more and more socialistic laws, the nation will get tired of it, and the GOP could sweep in and take the House and Senate if they play their cards right.

That kind of sweep would serve as check to what damage Hillary Clinton could cause as president.

In 2020, hopefully a smarter GOP will throw their weight behind a more Conservative candidate and will win the election.

I know it seems that the next election seems like a long way off, but Republicans have got to stop playing their hand and then folding. They have to operate like a shadow party and plan way ahead in advance.

Am I suggesting Conservatives vote for Clinton? Not at all, but I do think we should vote for real Conservatives like Darrell Castle or Brad Thor (should he decide to enter the race.)

Donald Trump will be a disaster for Conservatives and the GOP leadership needs to get its act together or the Republican Party will split. That will be an even worse fate than a Clinton presidency.


Author bio:  Jacob Airey is an experienced communicator, blogger, minister, writer, and media consultant. He is also experienced in ministry as a youth pastor and children’s pastor. Besides his personal blog, he has ghostwritten for anthologies, written articles for Group Magazine Online, and was a contributor to Business Gists. Currently, he is an assistant editor for Red Millennial.

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