Donald Trump Attacks Christian Leader in Iowa for Endorsing Ted Cruz


When people ask me why I don’t trust Donald Trump, I list off a whole host of reasons (that you can read about here and here). However, the one that sticks out as most important to me is the way that Mr. Trump treats other people – particularly, those who disagree with him.

The latest example of Mr. Trump’s ill temperament towards those who don’t toe his line comes to us from Iowa, where evangelical leader and fellow brother-in-Christ Bob Vander Plaats recently ran afoul of the billionaire presidential candidate.

In December, Vander Plaats (along with Iowa conservative talk radio host Steve Deace and Iowa Congressman [score]Steve King[/score] (R-IA)) endorsed Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] for President. Apparently, that sleight was too much for Mr. Trump to bear, because on Tuesday with less than a week to go before the Iowa caucuses Trump attacked the conservative Christian leader as a “phony” and a “bad guy.”

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Here’s just a taste of how the candidate for president treats people who disagree with him.

What’s odd about this attack is that (as the Washington Post reports) it was Trump who asked the Vander Plaats family to come and visit with him in New York (on several different occasions) and it was Mr. Trump who refused to allow Vander Plaats to pay for the accommodations.

Vander Plaats responded to media questions about the attacks from Trump, by pointing out that the behavior was out of step with Iowa’s values and character.

“It’s Donald Trump exposed: He wants to be your friend when he thinks he can get something in return for that friendship. In Iowa, we look at friendship as what we can do for our friends, not what our friends can do for us. It just shows a guy that gets tossed about to and fro too easily. I think that kind of pride and arrogance leads to unstable temperament and judgment.”

Perhaps this is exactly the kind of temperament that some Americans want in their President. I am not one of them. I want a President who is not petty but is long-suffering and willing to deal with disagreement in a respectful and dignified manner.

The exact opposite of what happened here.

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