Donald Trump Apologizes to Pocahontas, Calls Democrat Racist!

Donald Trump was in Tampa over the weekend and he to some time out of his campaign stump speech to talk about the Democrat Senator, Elizabeth Warren…

Donald Trump was in Tampa, Florida over the weekend and he took some time out of his campaign stump speech to talk about the Democrat Senator from Massachusetts, [score]Elizabeth Warren[/score] (D-MA). Warren has of late been ramping up her efforts to build her own popularity in the Democrat Party. She’s mostly been doing this by issuing a steady stream of attack against the likely GOP presidential nominee. It seems that Mr. Trump has finally had enough, and he may be preparing to take the fight to Warren, which is a risk, considering it means that he’ll be distracting himself from his real opponent, Hillary Clinton.

While Trump may be getting distracted, at least he’s still being funny. This is how he chose to comment on Warren Saturday.

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By hitting Warren on her longtime lie that she was actually a Native American, he pointed out how untrustworthy she was while simultaneously mocking her bad behavior. Trump followed up his hilarious tweet by telling the gathered crowd in Tampa that he had been asked to apologize for the comment. Once again, Trump showed his command of marketing by taking the opportunity to blast his opponents while making his supporters roar with laughter.

Ha! He apologized to Pocahontas for comparing the “terrible” Elizabeth Warren to her! This is another good example of why Donald Trump just defeated his GOP opponents and is now preparing to take on Hillary Clinton to see who’ll be the next President of the United States. If he can carry his efforts from the primary into the general election, then we may well be saying “hello” to President Trump in the not-too-distant future.

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