Donald Trump Announces that He Will be Making a Special Announcement



So, on Monday billionaire Donald Trump released a special media advisory memo announcing that he would be making a very special announcement from his Trump Tower on June 16th at 11am. The day is just two weeks away and the memo indicates that “the Donald” is planning to announce his plans concerning the Presidential race at the press conference.


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While I happen to think that Donald Trump as a GOP candidate is kind of a joke and just another way for Mr. Trump to market himself into more money – his announcement is a really BIG deal.

Hear me out.

I don’t think that Donald Trump is a serious candidate for the White House. I don’t think he is a conservative. In fact, I’m pretty sure he is barely a Republican. I mean, with a few tweaks he could as easily be a moderate Democrat as he is a moderate Republican. All of that being said, Mr. Trump is one of the most famous people in America and he is already polling better than a few of the current GOP candidates.

Meaning, that if he enters the race on June 16th he will likely force out one of these candidates from the first proposed GOP Presidential debate.

Remember, in the proposed GOP debate format only the candidates in the top 10 in national polls would be included in the first debate. As of right now – Rick Santorum, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina and Lindsey Graham would all get knocked out of the debate process and Rick Perry would be in grave danger of not making it in. Does it make sense that Donald Trump should beat them out?

I hope and pray that when Trump stands to speak on June 16th – the words that come out of his mouth are “I have decided not to run for President in 2016.” But I am not optimistic. A Presidential run simply offers too many opportunities for free publicity and excessive media coverage. I expect that Mr. Trump will join the race for the White House, and I fully expect him to be in the first debate – meaning that the GOP will lose a much more important voice in the discussion.

Which is just sad.

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