Donald Trump and Congress Worked on 2018 Agenda

The 2018 agenda needs to be great to match the way 2017 ended for the Republicans.

Donald Trump finished 2017 well but that means the 2018 agenda mush be a powerful follow-up.

What came up in today’s meetings at Camp David was budget, infrastructure, building the border wall, immigration, and funding the military. That’s, at least, what President Donald Trump told the media. When asked, he said that welfare reform was important, and he hoped for bipartisan cooperation on the issue.

The Washington Times reports, “Trump, GOP leaders at Camp David set ambitious 2018 agenda.

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President Trump emerged Saturday from meetings with Congress’ Republican leaders at Camp David and outlined an ambitious legislative agenda for 2018, including the budget, infrastructure, a border wall, immigration and beefing up the military.


Flanked by Republican leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Mr. Trump projected a unified GOP front on the 2018 agenda.

Mr. Trump did not mention welfare reform in brief remarks to reporters. But when asked about the issue, he said it was something that was important, and he would try to accomplish it in a way that would garner support from Democrats.

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