Donald J. Trump and the Restoration of a Damaged Presidency

With the measured but decisive strike against the barbaric Assad regime by President Trump, the United States and indeed the world has turned the final page of a disastrous playbook. As if being liberated from the clutches of some nightmarish dream, the civilized world is once again able to take solace in the knowledge of America’s willingness and determination to take on the growing cadre of international hoodlums.

More significantly perhaps is the realization on the part of both skeptics and naysayers that the era of American rectitude has returned. The world will be a safer place from here out, not because President Trump wants war, but because he intuitively understands what his feckless predecessor failed to, namely, there can be no peace without strength.

From the outset, Barack Obama was determined to foist upon America a vision of government that for millions of everyday citizens was both unfamiliar and uncomfortable. He was more concerned about insuring the rights of males, who thought they were females, than about insuring the rights of babies being gassed to death in Syria. In the realm of dealing with America’s place in the world, he was the high road advocate of empty-word diplomacy, whereby the other side knew there would never be repercussions for failure to keep its part of any bargain.

There was the first red line in the sand, where the clueless Obama threatened “consequences” for Assad’s use of chemical weapons before punting the ball to Congress, and then doing nothing but twiddle his thumbs. This was the President who regularly lectured us about not being knee-jerk reactionaries with respect to Islam, while our people were being slaughtered in places like San Bernardino and Orlando by those who had pledged themselves to Jihad. He was the President who dared not utter the name of “radical Islamic terrorism,” lest the savageries of this scum were roused to greater atrocities. He was the most powerful man on the face of the earth in constant apology mode to everyone else because of American power. He was the punchline of Vladimir Putin and every tin-horned dictator and terrorist from sub-Saharan Africa to Pyongyang. He was the first President in the history of the Republic who believed that “real politik” was based on mutual love and understanding rather than cold and calculated interest.

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He dithered in the face of war criminals like Bashar al- Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people, retreated in the face of Soviet aggression in the Ukraine and worked to improve his golf handicap while an American national and Middle Eastern Christians were being beheaded by ISIS. All the while, our allies across the globe were scratching their heads in profound confusion and disbelief for America’s retrogressive posturing in world affairs, that is of course everyone except the former Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, whose selfie with Obama at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela will clearly be remembered as a significant contribution to world order and stability.

Clearly, the Obama foreign policy was predicated on incompetence. He is a President who not only will be remembered as seriously lacking a coherent and robust policy based on clear American interest objectives, but as one who left the world markedly more unsafe as a result. Obama’s vision of the military was one of downgraded capability and personnel. He was a President intent upon reducing America’s footprint, not someone looking to preserve it. In the process, while Obama did serious damage to American prestige abroad, there is cause for renewed hope in American engagement with the world community.

While the policy outsider Trump arguably came into office with more foreign policy experience than Obama by virtue of his acquaintance with and interaction on a business level with world leaders, the minions of the left will never concede the point. It has been more preferable to depict the incumbent President as a maniacal death monger, itching to get his hands on the “football” to launch all out nuclear war. What they cannot spin however is the remarkably sound, deliberative and calculated response that Trump made with regard to Assad. His critics are now stammering over the fact that Trump’s decision was not only measured, but consultative as well.

He even notified the Russians of the impending attack to give them time To evacuate people and assets. The President is deserving of our deep respect and support, as his action, initiated within the first months of his Presidency, has been a more powerful act for good than anything accomplished by the Obama administration over the course of 8 indecisively tortured years. Trump has learned early on that the Office of President of the United States comes to define the person, not the other way around. Trump acted unilaterally and unapologetically in defending those who cannot defend themselves, and history has shown that only an American President is able to carry out an action of this type.

Donald J. Trump has demonstrated that America is no longer going to sit on the sidelines and abdicate its stake in promotion of fairness, justice and preservation of basic humanitarian principle because of the rattlings of a few miscreants. We are a bigger and better nation than that, and should be proud that we once again have a leader who reflects those values.

Theodore Roosevelt believed in “walking softly and carrying a big stick” when it came to American foreign policy. We have witnessed the world change many times, oftentimes not for the better, since the utterance of those now famous words. In thinking of the events of the last few days, I am proud not only of President Trump, but of also being one of the “deplorables” who voted for him. We should be confident, because tonight when you lay your head down to sleep, you will not have to worry about fumbling around in the darkness for your own stick.The big stick that Roosevelt made reference to and now with his current successor in the White House is again in the hands of those who are both able and willing to use it!

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