Don Jr. Reinstates Secret Service Protection…What Happened?

President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., confirmed recently that he and his family were looking for more privacy, and decline any further Secret Service protection. Kellyanne Conway also declined further protection as well, stating that she felt her threat level had gone down.

The Hill reports that that Donald Trump Jr. has restored his Secret Service protection:

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly has his Secret Service protection back, sources told CNN.

We know that Trump Jr. had privacy concerns, and the Secret Service would not formally confirm the end of their protection for him. Spokeswoman Catherine Miller for the SS said, “To ensure the safety and security of our protectees and their families, we will not confirm who is currently receiving Secret Service protection.”

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However, a senior Trump administration office did confirm the report to the NYT.

Their duty is to provide the president and vice president with protection, but they also provide protection for the two’s families as well. As we saw in Donald Trump Jr.’s case, the protection can be denied.

My question in all of this, is if Trump Jr. and his wife had privacy concerns and wanted to opt out of Secret Service protection, then what prompted them to reinstate it? Have they been threatened in some way? Did something happen that we do not know about?

At the time that he declined the protection, he and his family were going on vacation. Perhaps Don felt that he needed not burden the agents and cost the agency more money for them to travel with him and now that he is back, would like protection again?

We may not ever find out….but something along the way does not add up.

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