DOJ and WikiLeaks Confirms NO ‘Technical’ Interference in Election

It must be getting pretty lonely at the CIA right about now. The FBI, the DNI (Department of National Intelligence), the DOJ (Department of Justice) have all now publicly stated the fact that Russia had no direct effect on the outcome of our recent election.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters on Friday that “we didn’t see the sort of technical interference that I know people had concerns about,” from Russia. Lynch did say that the intelligence community believed Russia was behind the hacks at the DNC, but that was as far as she was willing to go on the issue.

While Lynch may believe that Russia was behind the release of the very ugly, very telling DNC emails in October, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks says its just not so. Assange appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Thursday to clear the air on the DNC/Podesta email leaks, and he told Hannity that they did not come from Russia.

Julian Assange: Our source is not the Russian government.

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Sean Hannity: So let me be clear: Russia did not give you the Podesta documents or anything from the DNC.

Julian Assange: Correct.

Sean Hannity: Can you confirm whether or not you have anything involving hacked info from the RNC?

Julian Assange: We received about three pages of information to do with the RNC and Trump, but it was already public somewhere else.

Sean Hannity: So in other words: There was nothing significant. There was nothing comparable to [the DNC leaks]. So what Reince Priebus said on Meet The Press this weekend was correct, and NBC got it wrong?

Julian Assange: As far as we’re aware of.

In fact, over the last few months there have been many hints dropped by the folks at WikiLeaks that the emails were not hacked at all, but leaked to them by someone inside the DNC. Moreover, there has been much speculation that the person who leaked the information was actually murdered earlier this year.

Over at Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano reinforced Assange’s suggestion that the leaks came from within, as opposed to without. In comments that mirror statements he’s made several times over the last few days, Napolitano told Fox News’ Fox & Friends that intelligence sources tell him that the leak came from the American intelligence community and NOT from Russia.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Who had the incentive to prevent Mrs. Clinton from becoming president of the United States?

Whose agents had their real identities and locations exposed by the reckless manner which —

Steve Doocey: U.S. intel!

Judge Andrew Napolitano: There you go.

Who had access to all this material —

Steve Doocey: U.S. intel!

Judge Andrew Napolitano: — without having to steal any codes?

United States intelligence agents who did not want this woman in charge of the federal government and exposing more agents and more resources and undercover access in the Middle East to who they truly are and where they were…

There’s one spy agency, the NSA, it produces the raw data; the FBI looks at it and interprets it one way, the CIA looks at it and interprets it another way. The CIA may have a desire to make Mrs. Clinton look good or Donald Trump look bad…

There’s a whole world out there that is below the fold, below the radar scope that we don’t know about, which is the intelligence community. They have rivalries between them. They have ideological predilections. They have the same shortcomings as the rest of us. In intelligence, raw data — if it were here, it would be difficult for the four of us to interpret it. But I can tell you this: two groups of two people looking at the same data can read the same thing and interpret it 180 degrees differently from each other. That’s what happened here.

So when Donald Trump says the Russians did not hack Mrs. Clinton, he’s right. Somebody leaked from Mrs. Clinton’s emails, but nobody went in there and altered her operational systems, which is what hacking does.

If you want to change the outcome of an election are you going to alter the candidates operating systems or are you going to alter the systems of the people who register the voters and count the votes?…

She should have been blaming herself for a long time — from the minute she decided to use the home server.

The evidence is mounting and what it seems to say is… Russia had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton’s collapse.

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