Dog Killer Michael Vick is More Hated than Human Killer Planned Parenthood

Michael Vick is back in the news. He’s been signed to a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers as a backup to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

The announcement was protested, ironically, on National Dog Day.

Michael Vick was nearly banned from professional football because of his treatment of dogs.

“Vick pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges in 2007 for his role in a dogfighting ring. He served nearly two years in prison and has played six NFL seasons since, including five with the Eagles and one with the Jets. The Steelers signed him Tuesday night.”

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Vick went to jail for mistreating dogs. He didn’t kill tens of thousands of unborn babies and sell unborn baby body parts. While mistreating dogs is a bad thing, it does not begin to compare to killing human beings.

Here’s what Natalie Ahwesh, a Steelers season-ticket holder, said about Vick being part of the Pittsburgh team:

“This move is embarrassing. It’s upsetting. I’m angry. I’m not going to be able to go to the games and have fun and watch with my family. The season is ruined for me as long as he’s on the team.”

Can you imagine the hue and outcry if Vick and Co. had aborted puppies and sold their paws for good luck charms? “Oh, the humanity!” or is it, “Oh, the caninity”? Dog lovers around the world would have protested on the steps of every NFL owner’s home to rid the sport of the dog killer.

The Vick dogfighting scandal was front page news for weeks and still reverberates today. Every major and minor news outlet covered the story.

The same has not been true of the Planned Parenthood abortion videos…


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