Do These Videos Prove a Second Shooter in Vegas?

The mainstream media and government have reported that there was only one shooter in Las Vegas on Sunday, who left  more than 50 people dead and over 500 hospitalized.

However, there are videos that you will see below that suggest that he was not the only shooter.

One man…..a multimillionaire, 64-year-old man with multiple guns in his room, on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino….Heavy guns that he got up there without anyone noticing? I call bullspit.

That would certainly fit the narrative of the left: A crazed white, lone wolf went out and killed a bunch of people, therefore we need more gun control. In fact, just after it hit the news, Hillary Clinton and other liberals were already posting about the need for more gun control, and targeted the National Rifle Association.

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What wouldn’t fit their narrative? More than one gunman with an agenda to kill in order to satisfy the globalists’ and elites’ thirst for blood in order to start getting their way again.

Am I saying there was definitely, without a doubt, another shooter? No. However, there is video footage from that night showing what appears (both via image and sound) like another shooter. This one being on what looks like it is somewhere between the 4th floor and 10th floor of the casino and hotel.

Watch for yourself:

Don’t believe that one? Here’s another video from another person:

Need more? Here’s a third video:

Stephen Paddock, the shooter, was allegedly an Antifa member. After the shooting, they congratulated him on social media for the bloody mass murder.



They deleted it soon after once they received massive backlash.

There is an active campaign to sow division and create chaos in the United States. Organized groups are working on behalf of global organizations with the most nefarious of goals. We need to wake up and stop believing everything fed to us by the mainstream media. They have proven themselves completely unreliable.

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