Do the San Jose Riots show How Scared the Left is of Donald Trump?

Newt Gingrich had an interesting take on last week’s liberal riots in San Jose, California, arguing from his Facebook page that the violent protest outside of Donald Trump’s recent rally was simply proof positive that America’s liberals are “frightened” by the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

“All of us who want real change in Washington have to realize that our opponents are not going to be helpful. They’re not just going to roll over and accept this change.

They know that if Donald Trump is acceptable in October of 2016, he will be president. So they are trying to paint him as unacceptable.”

(Sorry in advance. But if you don’t have Facebook, you won’t be able to view the video. It was recorded and posted on FB and it’s the only place to find it right now.)

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Here’s the thing. I get what the former House Speaker is saying about the left being fearful… but I just don’t buy it as a reason for the surge of violence. I and many other conservatives are worried (or frightened) to some degree by all of the candidates, and some of us are downright terrified of a Clinton or Sanders presidency. But you don’t see us taking to the streets to throw things, you don’t see us verbally harassing Clinton or Sanders supporters, and you definitely don’t see us hurting people.

No, I think something bigger is at work here. I think that this culture of violence in the cause of political activism is becoming more and more acceptable in the general rank and file of the left. Where once they would have argued for “peaceful” protesting and non-violent action, today’s American left has been taken over by activists who defend and encourage physical response to political and social issues.

Today’s liberal activists have divorced themselves from the theories and philosophies of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and instead they have embraced the doctrines of the violent radical left. They now idolize men like Huey P. Newton, Bill Ayers, Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, and other violent activists who thought nothing of shedding the blood of others in an effort to win victory for their causes.

I respect Newt Gingrich’s opinions, but I think he is making a dangerous mistake here missing the bigger picture. The Left isn’t afraid of Donald Trump, they’re afraid of the majority of regular Americans choosing to stand against their liberalism. So instead of peaceful debate and gentle conversions to their cause, they’ve made the conscious decision to use any means necessary to silence their political opponents.

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