Do the Brits Love Trump?

One Brits testimony that the people of Britain Trump may not seem reliable. But he points out that Britain is like America in having a dominant liberal media.

According to a British citizen, his countrymen love Trump and appreciate his bold honesty.

One Brit’s testimony that the people of Britain love Trump may not seem reliable. But he points out that Britain is like America in having a dominant liberal media. And the media’s perspective doesn’t represent the view of the people. If it did, there would not be so much support for Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage would not host one of the country’s most popular radio talk shows.

Even Piers Morgan is reasonable about Trump!

Henry Jacobson writes at the Federalist, “Ignore The Protesters. The British People Love President Trump.”

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Thanks to the exaggerated outrage of the mainstream media and the attention-seeking protests of London leftists, a narrative seems to have set in that the vast majority of British people oppose […] President Trump. As a Brit myself, however, I am delighted to confirm this lazy slur could not be further from the truth.

In reality, the vast majority of British conservatives (and a good chunk of floating voters too) are coming to admire Trump. His unmistakable approach to politics – straight-talking, honest and completely fearless – is increasingly viewed with envy by British voters tired of backsliding career politicians. Brits look over the Atlantic and see a leader who actually puts his money where his mouth is – and gets results for it too.

To fully understand Trump’s popularity, you have to look at the current state of British politics. Over two years since the country voted to leave the European Union, we have seen virtually zero progress at delivering on the result of the referendum. Rather than battling with Brussels to return our sovereignty, end uncontrolled immigration, and give a better deal to British business, Theresa May’s government has been paralyzed by infighting, trying desperately to scrap together compromises which keep the establishment forces on side. Earlier this year, a British political journalist revealed that Trump often begins his calls with the Prime Minister by asking “are you out yet?” – and you can see why.

It’s no surprise that Brits are increasingly frustrated with the government’s mishandling of Brexit. What’s more interesting is that when you ask them what kind of leader they want to get us out of this mess, an increasing number are saying the same thing: someone like Trump.

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