Do Red States Feed Off Blue States?

Despite the claims of Democrats, blue states receive more per resident in intergovernmental spending than red states.

Red States are commonly derided by Liberals for allegedly getting more federal funds than they pay in taxes. The Federal budget is a complicated monster and there are various ways to make this appear to be true. For one thing, since blue states have more higher income taxpayers, the progressive tax rates that Liberals insist upon mean that they pay more in taxes. But, according to Liberals, this is entirely fair.

When it comes to getting money back from the federal government, however, red states get less than blue states per resident!

The Federalist reports, “Are Red States Tax Takers And Blue States Tax Makers?

With every debate on taxing and spending in Washington comes inevitable references to which states send more in taxes to the federal treasury than they receive in benefits for their citizens. The figures thrown around are sourced differently and vary widely, but the point of it all is for Democrats to point at poor, Republican states and call them hypocrites for doing exactly what Democrats say they should: taking money from richer places.

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But how much of it is true? An op-ed in The New York Times this week accuses Republicans of favoring red states over blues ones in their plans, while repeating the old lie that small states’ equal representation in the Senate favors Republicans (the ten smallest states are currently represented there by nine Republicans, nine Democrats, and two independents who caucus with the Democrats; the ten largest states are represented by nine Republicans and eleven Democrats).


Against a national average of $1,935 in intergovernmental spending per American, red states receive just $1,879. Blue states get considerably more, at $2,124 per resident. Purple states see the least of their money returned to them per capita, at just $1,770. Measured in this way, the blue states are getting quite a bit more than the red or purple.

Read the entire Federalist post.

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