Do Not be Fooled: The Red Menace is Alive and Well, We Must Kill it.

Patriotism has fallen asleep for too long, and consequently President Reagan is rolling in his grave, and conservatives and libertarians are partially to blame.

We have allowed communism to regain a foothold in American society. This disgrace is hard to overestimate. The most dangerous ideology the world has ever seen, yes, worse than Nazism, the ideology millions have worked, prayed, and fought in hopes to defeat, the ideology that is the antithesis of America and English Liberalism has been allowed to rise again. The rise of Antifa and the group’s antics are a stark reminder of what happens when patriots become complacent. In 2016, America certainly experienced an awakening, yet I question how effective that awakening has been. Why has Antifa been allowed to rise almost unabated? Why has the American Spirit not risen to meet the communist threat? Why has the American Patriot seemingly forgotten his classical liberal roots? Dare I say that us patriots have been blinded by arrogance to the real, immediate threat facing this country.

I have felt a sacred energy rising in myself, an energy that has never been so prevalent in my entire life. However, that energy is not unique to you or myself. No, rather it is present in every freedom loving American that has ever walked on this earth, and that energy is limitless. Without this energy, the Third Reich would never have been defeated. Without this energy, the Soviet empire never would have fallen. Without this energy, Washington would never have crossed the Potomac or defeated the British at Yorktown. This energy is the fire of liberty itself. Liberty’s fire is not inherently perpetual, it requires the work of patriots to stay lit.

We all feel the flame dimming in this dark hour, but it is still lit and there is still hope to save that flame. Therefore, I call for an unholy alliance between groups who disagree on many issues, but agree on one idea: liberty. The Republican Party was founded on a similar alliance 163 years ago. Numerous groups sharing the same goal as we do now must converge to destroy evil, no matter the cost. The American Spirit, if not God himself, was present in Ripon, Wisconsin on that fateful day. That same energy is still present today. That energy is pleading for us patriots to band together against the Red Menace that is Antifa.

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I call you, conservatives, libertarians, moderates, and any liberal who opposes Antifa, to set aside your differences, and stand together in defense of our great republic. Differences in social policy are immaterial. The only issue that matters is the defense of America from the communists. Let us not forget the goal of the American spirit: liberty. Liberty can only be achieved when individualism is allowed to take root on a mass scale. This is where the regressive left’s take on individualism fails. Identity politics tries to take individuals and place them into collective groups. Individualism and collectivism are incompatible under any set of circumstances.

This is where the true conflict arises: people who are either too blind or stupid to understand they are being enslaved by a belief system that places the government over humanity, regardless of any “anarchist” prefixes the regressives may try to use. It is no longer humans vs. humans. No, rather it is the collectivists vs. humanity. Whenever someone forsakes their individuality to succumb to the temptation the collectivists offer, they are no longer on the side of reason, and therefore oppose humanity. That person has decided to become another solenoid in the electric chair; they become part of the electric chair that will kill humanity.

Brothers and Sisters in Liberty, I pray to the Creator that he will intervene in our favor. I declare this in spite of my belief that the Creator does not often intervene in humanity’s affairs, yet, this is said knowing he has intervened in the past, every time on the side of the individual. He sided with the Greeks during the Persian Invasion, with the Romans against Carthage, and with Washington against the British. Let us not only remember ancient times when we have been the recipients of divine intervention. How can we forget the evacuation of Dunkirk, the weather breaking in the Ardennes, or the breakthrough in Normandy? Indeed, history will look back at this very moment as a turning point. Will humanity prevail or will the evil collectivists unleash their tyranny on the remnants of the human race that are fighting for survival? Friends, this is the defining moment, our Rubicon. Will we stand up to the communists and let them take over our country? Failure to act now is not just our loss, we will be destroying our children’s hope for life. They will still breathe, but will they live or will they exist as North Korean peasants exist?

The time to act is now. The Red Menace is rising, and unless we stand up to that menace we will fail. The regressive left is labelling every human that is to the right of Chairman Mao as a Nazi, we must not allow ourselves to lose civility. When civility is lost in a republic the republic is dead. Despite this, we must strike a balance between civility and force to save humanity. If we fail to save this republic, it will be said of us that we should have let the world explode. Let us march together one final time. Our destiny is not failure; rather, our destiny is to save this country, if not the West as a whole. America is the world’s best hope at freedom. Freedom is the world’s best hope for individualism. Individualism is humanity’s last hope at life. Let us set aside our differences and fight together, as one, for Liberty.

May God be on our side.

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