Do Democrats Play the Race Card for Political Profit, Even If It Costs Human Lives?

“BOO-OO-OO!”  —Members of Black Lives Matter hectoring and harassing Martin O’Malley for saying, “Black lives matter, white lives matter—ALL lives matter!”


Supporting Black Racists & Cop Killers

Just recently, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the summer meeting of the Democratic National Committee, a resolution was passed to endorse the Black Lives Matter movement.  The DNC resolution passed the Resolutions Committee, before being affirmed by the vote of literally hundreds of DNC delegates.

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Black Lives Matters is the movement that has been promoting the execution of police officers, staging anti-law-enforcement marches that feature the shouting of such anti-police slogans as “Pigs in a blanket!  Fry ’em like bacon!”

The latest high-profile executions include that of Deputy Darren Goforth, who was minding his own business, and peacefully filling his gas tank, when a Black Lives Matter sycophant approached stealthily from behind and unloaded 15 rounds into his head and back.  Are these slayings what the Democrats had in mind, when they backed a racist group that maintains that Jim Crow laws have been replaced with nothing more than mass-incarceration of blacks, blaming white people, as well as the police (as protectors of so-called “white privilege”) for this state of affairs?  It is not too late for Democrats to withdraw their support for this hate group.

There is, indeed, a big difference between Jim Crow laws that legitimized discriminatory treatment of blacks, based on race, and high rates of black incarceration, based on the actual criminal behavior of black individuals.  Blacks are jailed at higher rates, because they are committing crimes at higher rates.  The number one killer of black people is the black male.  So how could more white people, than black, be incarcerated for the murders of black people?  The racial disparity in murder rates was created by none other than black males murdering black people in higher numbers and percentages than white people doing the same thing.


Booing O’Malley

Martin O’Malley, ex-governor of Maryland and Democrat contender for his party’s nomination to run for president, had a moment of moral clarity during a recent campaign appearance.  He had the courage—in front of an audience with members of the Black Lives Matter movement—to say, “Black lives matter, white lives matter—ALL lives matter!”

The audience booed O’Malley loudly for having the nerve to value all human life and not only the lives of black people. It is hard to discern what is more disappointing: the fact that there are Americans in this day and age who are so vehemently racist, or the fact that O’Malley ended up apologizing for his insistence that all people’s lives should be valued.


Ted Cruz Responds

Ted Cruz has said, “Cops across this country are feeling the assault.  They’re feeling the assault from the president, from the top on down, as we see.”  Cruz went on to say, “Whether it’s in Ferguson or Baltimore, the response of senior officials of the president, of the attorney general, is to vilify law enforcement.  That is fundamentally wrong, and it is endangering the safety and security of us all.”  The fact that President Obama waited three days before reluctantly calling Goforth’s widow was, in the words of Cruz, “completely wrong” and what Cruz would call a “manifestation of the divisiveness, [of] the partisanship, and of the hostility to law enforcement that has characterized the entire Obama Administration.”  It is typical that, if a police officer shoots a black gangster, even in a likely case of self-defense, Obama needs little time to go public with a highly prejudicial statement that will automatically condemn the officer; but, if a black gangster wantonly executes a peace officer, Obama’s initial reaction is one of indifference and silence.  Obama, lacking a moral compass of his own, roots for the bad guys.


A Moral Compass

In a televised press conference, Harris County Sheriff Don Hickman showed the world where true north pointed, when his moral compass was on disply.  Hickman stated that police officers were under attack because of political rhetoric.  “This rhetoric,” he said, “has gotten out of control.  We’ve heard ‘black lives matter, all lives matter.’  Well, cops’ lives matter too.  So why don’t we just drop the qualifier, and say, ‘Lives matter’?”  And is this statement not true?  Does it not hold within it the stuff of the Golden Rule?  (Read more here.)


Are the Democrats, for a Second Time, Founding a Racist Terror Group?

black panther2In promoting the establishment and legitimization of Black Lives Matter (BLM), is the Democrat Party helping to breathe life into another terror group, like the one they created in Pulaski, Tennessee, back in 1865?  That particular group was, of course, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  (Read about the Democrat founding of the KKK here.)

The only major difference between the two terror groups is skin color.  But both hate groups share in the fact that they want to intimidate and kill a very specific group of people.


Racism and Terror

The purpose of the KKK was to terrorize blacks and Republicans.  The purpose of the BLM is to go after whites and peace officers.  The BLM insists that O’Malley’s statement that “all lives matter” was racially insensitive and that white people possess privileges that black people just do not have.  This is the foundation of their racism and their insistence that police be targeted as protectors of a racist status quo, as debunked as this has been by so many allegedly-privileged white people who are now being denied jobs, in order to counter the weight of their alleged privilege, giving minorities the clear advantage in job acquisition.


Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose

The Texas Republican Party was founded mainly by Blacks in 1867.  These African Americans were a high-minded and colorblind group.  They wanted their party to be welcoming to all, not just blacks, and indeed 20 white people signed on immediately to support their black brethren.  Today it is still the Republican Party that is open to all (to judge from the inclusivity of the field of Republicans running for president in the 2016 primary).  It is the Republican Party that is opposing the racism espoused by Democrats.  It would seem that what is old is new again.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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