‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’: Main Streamers Continue to Slant News While ‘Cracking Down’ on ‘Fake News’

Let me get this straight: the main streamers (MSM) have been caught with their Hillary pants down, and now the conservative, pro-Constitutional, pro-American, pro-right-vs-wrong writer, who has maintained his or her sense of justice, fair play, and sense for God and Country – this small sect of “journalists” must now bear the brunt of the MSM’s dwindling ability to control public thought? Is this what it comes down to in a “free” America?

As I stated in a more recent piece, The Fake Angst of ‘Fake News,’ “What caused the American media to uniformly report that the 1968 communist Tet Offensive was a huge American defeat, when in fact it was just the opposite?” Not included within that submission, yet obviously pertinent, was the media’s glowing reports of the “Camelot” atmosphere throughout the JFK era.  While such examples are endless, it is they who now scream about “fake news?”

It would seem that their plate overflows with exactly what they are accusing. Given the serious level of such fake news, how dare they now accuse their competitors of their own informational digressions when their leading pundits have spent entire careers distributing such hog wash. Isn’t this a preferred tactic from the communist play book?

I submit that the MSM’s style has for too long followed a deceptive venue since their inadequacies feature slants and/or fabrications of factual events and that their “area of operation” has afforded such a wide journalistic vista, that through career-long disassociation from the truth, they have finally reached their own journalistic “bridge too far!” In response, they expect their bridge toll to be paid for by the only free press which still exists!

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Ironically, freedom requires responsibility, or in the world of journalism, accountability. From the countless sites within the social media realm, yes, unaccountable offerings occur. However, criticism should cover all media outlets, even such legends as the NY Times.

The ‘main streamers’ will continue dispersing whatever slant that’s required while we, as outlaws of the politically correct sect, must jump through the MSM hoops.


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