DNC Chairman Unhinged: Republicans ‘Don’t Give a S**t About People!’ and Trump ‘Didn’t Win This Election!’ [VIDEO]

They always said that Donald Trump used inflammatory rhetoric. It looks like the Dems are trying to fight fire with fire.

The Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) new chairman Tom Perez – who was also Labor Secretary under the Obama administration – said not only that Trump “didn’t win the election,” but also that Republicans “don’t give a s**t about people!”

Perez was in Newark, New Jersey campaigning for the Democrats, and working on the Party’s new inflammatory brand, when he made his comments.

While he paid lip service to the importance of Inauguration Day, he said that what was “far more important” was the day after when people protested in droves across the country, yelling that Trump was ‘not their president.’ Protesters also looted, vandalized, and assaulted anyone who disagreed with them, because…’fascism.’

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Perez praised those protesters:  “‘Donald Trump, you don’t stand for our values,’ that’s what they said. ‘Donald Trump you didn’t win this election.'”

“Donald Trump, that bromance you have with Putin, it’s not going to do you any good. Donald Trump, we will resist. And one week ago, we did, and we did so successfully…”

Then, he started talking about the Republicans’ healthcare bill.

“Donald Trump wants his name on everything – the Trump Towers, Trump steaks, Trump ties. But when it came to healthcare, you know what, he didn’t want ‘Trumpcare.’ So what did we call it? ‘Trumpcare,’ ‘Ryancare,'” he said.

“Well, I’ll tell you my idea. Because you know what embodies their program? ‘I Don’t Care.’ They don’t give a s**t about people!” he exclaimed to applause.

Fast forward to about the 26-minute mark for the relevant portion:

Well, there you have it. So much for “when your opponent goes low, you go high.”

This is going to be their demeanor going forward. They think they’re going to win the next go-around by whipping their supporters up into a frenzy. Of course, they’d say that’s exactly how Trump won. So, I guess they’re going to give it a shot.

They claimed to be outraged and offended at Trump’s campaign rhetoric. Well we know that was all fake outrage. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be doing the same thing. I’m sure the Democrats would actually appreciate what Tom Perez said. When Trump did it, it was ‘racist’ and ‘sexist.’ When Democrats do it, it’s ‘speaking one’s mind’ and ‘standing up for what’s right.’

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