DNC Bus Caught Dumping HUMAN WASTE in Storm Drain

A Democratic National Committee (DNC) tour bus driver decided to dump all the vehicle’s human waste contents into a storm drain in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

And here I thought it was the Republicans who wanted dirty air and dirty water. I thought Democrats cared about the environment.

When police arrived on the scene, there was toilet paper strewn about on the road, and an accompanying foul smell. A local business manager Mike Robins snapped a few pictures of the DNC tour bus, and in the images, liquid can be seen leaking from the side of the bus.

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A hazardous materials team showed up to collect as much of the filth in the surrounding area before it entered the storm drain.

Local business manager Mike Robins who witnessed photo-documented the event sounded off: “I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you’re Hillary Clinton. I don’t care if you’re Donald Trump. I don’t care who you are, you don’t throw human waste down a storm drain.”

“Waste water just dumping all out in the street, poured out in the storm drain, and at this time I’ve got my cell phone out, and I’m taking pictures, ’cause I don’t care who you are,” he said. “That’s just wrong.”

CBS46 reached out to the Democratic National Committee for comment. Here was their response:

“This was an honest mistake and we apologize to the Lawrenceville community for any harm we may have caused. We were unaware of any possible violations and have already taken corrective action with the charter bus company to prevent this from happening again. Furthermore, the DNC will work with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, as well as local and state officials to determine the best course of corrective action.”

Yes, in Hillary Clintonesque fashion, they’re claiming they didn’t know it was a violation to try to dump solid and liquid human waste down a storm drain, causing it and toilet paper to be splattered all around the road, and resulting in an objectionable aroma. Doing what they did was an arrestable offense. But I bet their defense will be that while they may have been “extremely careless,” they had no criminal intent.

Anyone else illegally dumping human waste in a storm drain would go to jail. My guess is that the DNC will get a pass.

According to CBS46, “Gwinnett County’s storm water department is now involved in the investigation along with the State Environment Protection Division.”

CBS46 News




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