The Most Disturbing Video You’ll See Today – ISIS is Coming.

VICE News is in the midst of releasing a major exposé on ISIS. They’ve been able to embed some journalists within the terrorist organization and move safely through ISIS territory in Iraq and Syria. As they travel, they are interviewing citizens living within the so-called “caliphate” and video recording every day life as well.

Part 4 of their series may be the most terrifying bit of journalism yet.

The report is entitled “The Islamic State” and it deals with how ISIS intends Islam to govern every facet of life… and that the local government’s job is to MAKE SURE that Islam is governing every facet of every day life… for EVERYONE.

One of the reasons floating around Washington for why we did not intercede to end ISIS sooner was that our leaders did not believe ISIS planned to ever threaten us. Well, don’t look now… but they are threatening us.

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It’s within this piece that ISIS makes it very clear that their plan is to solidify their “state” in Syria and Iraq, then to move on to Europe and the United States.

If you like watching scary movies, then I suggest you take the next 9 minutes to watch this.


In part 4 of The Islamic State, VICE News visits the Sharia courts where those accused of infractions are sentenced to harsh penalties, including execution followed by public crucifixion. But the courts don’t just handle crime. Citizens can bring all manners of complaints, including family disputes, and see the Islamic State’s form of justice doled out.

With unprecedented access, VICE News reporter Medyan Dairieh also visits the section of the court specifically set up for Christians, where the Islamic State discusses its treatment of minorities, and sees a former Armenian Catholic Church that has been converted into an Islamic center.

Couple this scary video with the sieve that is our southern border and we have a recipe for disaster. All of a sudden border security becomes a lot more important, doesn’t it?

If you have the time you should watch the rest of VICE’s ISIS series – it is extremely informative and again, terrifying.


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