District Judge Ruling Makes Way for MORE Voter Fraud in Florida!

An Un-Constitutional Judgment

What recently took place here in the Sunshine State is a total Constitutional disgrace, and if this layman can recognize such a hooligan judiciary, all Americans should!

According to AP writer, Jim Saunders, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker “ruled that a Florida law that could lead to the rejection of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots is unconstitutional.”

On the surface, this seems quite an ordinary finding, but it gets better. To again quote from Saunders’ piece, “Walker issued a preliminary injunction ordering a process that would allow voters to resolve questions about such ‘mismatched signature ballots’ – and have the ballots counted.”

In other words, if the signature doesn’t match what is on record, that should not disqualify a mail in ballot. Walker states that signature discrepancies occur “for no reason other than they have poor handwriting or their handwriting has changed over time.” Seems to me a person’s “poor handwriting” is his identity for life! And this guy is a District Judge?

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A point needs to be presented. Our Congress has the Constitutional authority to “clean house” at all judiciary levels below our Supreme Court. Given this Judge’s finding, I think that a new administration in January should place him at the top of it’s review list!

Walker’s judgment contradicts the entire voter record processes. Recognizing the differences from the original signature to the latest ballot version is the reason and purpose of recording such in the first place? The comparing ensures against voter fraud! Essentially, Walker’s ruling opened Florida up to an unregistered voting venue.

It also brings up the question of why retain signatures if they are to be so cavalierly ignored? Voting records are in place especially to certify the far-away voter. Without this criteria, any and all unknowns will be mail-ins.

This Judge’s rendering is antithetical to his station and at best is inexcusable, at worse, his actions border on disloyalty and may qualify for his removal.

The mail-in system extends voting privileges to persons who are unable to be present in their voting district. Those who are present must show ID and sign in. That signature, along with a picture ID, is compared for a match. This is an effective method for ensuring voter honesty and credibility.

And, this happens when the voter is physically present. How did this insignificant disenfranchising worry come to dominate this Judge’s decision? This hog wash decree will be typical from the Supreme Court appointees which a Clinton Administration would select.

For those who want and expect a credible and free election, this type of judgment should rankle.  Especially when recalling the amount of criticism which Trump receives when voicing his concerns over Election Day fraud.

Once again, Trump’s objections become validated, as were his former concerns over the instant granting of citizenship, simply based upon the location of birth. This, in addition to Walker’s recent ruling which weakens our voting requirements, devalues our American ideals since it essentially dismisses the purpose of national borders. But then again, Clinton is a globalist who dreams of a borderless hemisphere.

Returning to Walker’s degradation of America’s election system, he previously ruled that “Florida’s voter-registration deadline be extended a week because of interruptions caused by Hurricane Matthew.”

Given that Matthew’s expected approach was common knowledge for days, ample time was available.  When relocating to safer environs, our Postal Services would still be available. It’s the post mark, prior to the end of Florida’s registration period, that counts! It seems as though Walker’s ruling only accommodated the disinterested, not the disenfranchised.

This latest judicial decree adds to the swarm of those who are being rushed through their citizen processes. The democrat party is importing and processing foreigners so that they can quickly be recorded as eligible voters.

It’s increasingly clear as to the media’s motive when hammering Trump’s righteous objections. This voter drive is huge here in the Sunshine State. And with rulings such as Walker’s, one can easily understand why.

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