Disgusting! Trans Charged with Raping Young Girl in Bathroom

Remember when Conservatives across the country were outraged at the fact that some businesses, such as Target, decided to allow men who identified as women to use the women’s restroom? That means that a full gown man who “felt” like a woman, whether he looked like a woman or not, was allowed to use the bathroom with our little girls.

Many liberals called us insensitive and claimed that we were not being fair to transgendered people. However, we were not being insensitive. No, we were thinking with reason and wisdom.

By allowing these men into the women’s restroom, it opened the door wide for pedophiles and rapists. They knew that all they had to do is say that they “identify as a woman” and they would be allowed in.

Despite the cries of the Liberals calling us names, like “bigot” and “homophobe”, the exact things we warned of have come to pass.

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Daily Wire reports that a Wyoming man, who identifies as a woman, raped a 10-year-old girl in the bathroom. The young girl was disgustingly assaulted in a place where she should have been able to safely use the bathroom.

Miguel Martinez, a biological male who identifies as a woman and goes by the name Michelle, allegedly “invited” the 10-year-old into a bathroom on Mach 23, where he proceeded to grope her breasts and genitals and penetrate her.

The child allegedly told her mother, who then called the police. Shen then broke down in tears and told police that “it hurt inside.”

Casper Star Tribune reports:

The girl’s mom contacted the Casper Police Department on March 23 and reported that her daughter said Martinez, who was a friend of the family, had sexually assaulted her in a bathroom about 8:30 p.m. The girl immediately told her mom.

The girl underwent a sexual assault exam at the Wyoming Medical Center, in which nurses found redness and abrasions, the documents state.

Martinez became “noticeably hostile and defensive” when a detective began asking about the girl’s allegations. Martinez said that the girl had been “talking crap” earlier that day and denied being a child molester. Martinez said the accusations were a “publicity stunt” before refusing to speak further with the detective.

Martinez has been charged with first-degree and second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. He could be facing up to 70 years in prison, where he will receive daily doses of karma for what he did.

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