Disgusting! PBS Panel Calls Ted Cruz and His Dad ‘Satanic’



Ah, the echo chamber that is the liberal, Washington Beltway media circus. During a recent episode of PBS News Hour, host Judy Woodruff had the rare opportunity to lead a panel who agreed on one thing – the Cruz family is “satanic.” Both pseudo-conservative (and by “pseudo” I mean NOT) David Brooks and the liberal malignancy that is David Corn both happily refer to Senator Ted Cruz and his father as “satanic.”

I know that you might not be able to believe that PBS could air such stinging criticism of a politician, so as evidence, I have provided you with the video below.

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From David Brooks (who remember, is supposed to be a “conservative”):

“Cruz is somehow beginning to get some momentum from Iowa and elsewhere. And so people are either mimicking him, which Rubio is doing a little by adopting some of the dark and satanic tones that Cruz has It is an ugly world in Ted Cruz’s world.”

After Brooks’ remarks liberal co-panelist David Corn jumped in to smear Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz with the “satanic” commentary.

“Well, actually, if you go to a speech from his dad, who is a pastor, evangelical, Rafael Cruz, it actually is satanic. He — I watched a speech in which he said Satan was behind the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage.”

Brooks may force himself to watch some Ted Cruz speeches, but he’s obviously missing the overriding point in everything that Senator Cruz says. When Senator Cruz speaks it is not in a tone of defeat or pessimism – it’s realism. Cruz simply describes the world – abroad and here at home – as it is. However, Cruz also exhorts his listeners to action, arguing that we, this generation, can change the world for the better and undo the damage that the Baby Boomer generation (led by liberals like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) has wrought.

Brooks chooses to ignore the positive message that is interwoven in every Ted Cruz speech because he’s perfectly happy with the world as it is. In fact, this is, for me, the greatest evidence yet that David Brooks is actually a liberal. Liberals are content with the state of our planet, and they are immediately suspicious of anyone who isn’t.

Expect more of these disgusting attacks from the media as the election draws nearer, because they are terrified that a conservative candidate might actually be elected President in 2016.

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