Disgusting: Liberals Rejoice That Actor Gerard Butler Lost His Home in Calif. Wildfires Because He Supports Israel

The Jew-hating left is at it again, this time rejoicing that actor Gerard Butler lost his house in the California wildfires all because he supports Israel.

The Jew-hating left is at it again, this time rejoicing that actor Gerard Butler lost his house in the California wildfires all because he supports Israel.

Butler lost his Malibu home during the several wild fires ripping though California this month and posted a photo of the charred mess on Twitter, Daily Caller said.

The 300 star narrated a “tour” of his former home in the video posted to his social media accounts.

His home became one of the casualties of the fires raging fire.

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“Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California. Inspired as ever by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters. Thank you @LAFD. If you can, support these brave men and women at http://SupportLAFD.org,” he wrote.

But too many unhinged left-wingers said that Butler deserved his misfortune. Why? because he has donated money to the Israeli Defense Forces.

So, what did some of these creeps say?

Just read some of this anti-Semitic hate:

I won’t post their actual tweets because I don’t want to give them any credit. But here is the text of some of them:

“I just find it ironic that you think what happened to you heartbreaking but funding Isreali army to do the same to Palestinian homes lol.”

“you’ve a wee taste of the brutality of the @IDFSpokesperson on Palestinians the same @IDFSpokesperson you raise funds for . call them for some money back.”

“This is nature’s way of teaching u how one feels when a home is destroyed, lost or snatched.
And u raised money for IDF who do this to Palestinians every day. Enjoy Rebuilding. Hope u learnt something.”

“Horrible. Reminds me of the Gaza massacre of 2014 when Israel dropped bunker busters on family homes. I hope yours has all the support it needs.”

“Think about Palestine Iraq and Afghanistan You people burnt the houses of those poor people like this and devastated them Maybe you get some lesson from this thing and you realize something I am sorry to burn your house but you should definitely think about Palestine.”

“Perhaps you might take some time to think about how the thousands of Palestinian families who have had their homes and even schools destroyed by the IDF – that you have bizarrely and inhumanely raised funds for – feel?”

Sadly, there are dozens like this. All this hate from liberals.

It is disgusting.

But that’s today’s left.

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