The Disconnect Between Conservative Grassroots and Establishment GOP Money

Chuck Todd was on NBC’s Today Show Thursday morning to discuss what 2015 will look like in the world politics. During the interview, he hit on an interesting point – something we’ve actually discussed here at Eagle Rising on occasion — the disconnect between the conservative grassroots and the GOP establishment.

While the media sees a “civil war” in the GOP, I think it’s much more akin to something that happens in countries with a multiparty government.

I think that there has been an agreement between conservatives and the GOP since the Reagan Era that we would work in concert to cobble together a unity government between our two parties (the conservatives and the Republicans). The differences between our two parties has grown more visible as the Republicans have chosen to move further left on economic and fiscal policy, social issues and on upholding the laws as written.

The GOP Establishment is all about keeping power in an effort to continue handing out crony dollars to their friends, all while lining their own pockets. (For a perfect example of this, see Harry Reid who is a Crony Democrat.)

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Conservatives, on the other hand, would like to end the crony system that the establishment of both major parties have created and nourished. This schism on cronyism is impossible to fix – we will NEVER see eye to eye on this, so we will always inevitably be in conflict. It’s at the heart of why the establishment hates conservatives like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Justin Amash and Thomas Massie. And it’s at the heart of why we conservatives can’t stand John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Peter King and the rest of the establishment cadre.

Watch what Todd has to say about it…



The establishment, AKA, donors, they want one of those three [Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie]. The grassroots: they’re not interested in any of those three. They’re very unpopular with the people who actually vote in Republican primaries, the people that vote in Iowa and New Hampshire and North Carolina. There’s a real disconnect between the mega-rich guys who are backing the Republican Party — they want a Jeb [Bush], they want a [Mitt Romney] again. They’ll even accept a [Chris] Christie, though I think he is a sort of lower third.

They’re afraid of what the grassroots might select, whether it is a Rand Paul, a Ted Cruz, whatever…

Right now, I think it is all over the place. Believe it or not, after Rand Paul — right now Rand Paul, we don’t have a front-runner, but in NASCAR terms, he’s in the pole position, he’s earned that right, he’s sort of the leader. He leads the polls in Iowa, he leads in most polls.

After that, a guy like Ben Carson. He’s this former neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins, a famous neurosurgeon, one of the most successful at the pediatric level, he has got this huge following in the conservative wing of the party, and he has already popped, big in some of these polls, and I think we’re going to have another scenario where we’re going to see Ben Carson maybe rise and fall, and then others will rise and fall, while the establishment gets its sea legs.

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