Diplomat’s Daughter Stabs Boy at Private School, Not Charged

A 13-year-old boy was stabbed numerous times at a Washington D.C. private school by a 12-year-old girl. The teen boy sustained non-life-threatning injuries and was taken to the CHildren’s National Medical Center. The girl, however, has not been charged.

The reason she has not been charged is simple: she’s a diplomat’s daughter. Therefore, their diplomatic status protects her for now.

Breitbart reports:


Police say the girl was detained but not charged with anything because she has diplomatic immunity from being the child of a diplomat.

“The suspect has been identified, however, because of her diplomatic status, there’s going to be no arrest at this time,” MPD Inspector Mike Coligan said. “Any questions regarding the diplomatic status can be referred to the State Department.”

Authorities did say, however, that they would be consulting with the State Department and the District of Columbia’s attorney general about potential criminal charges.

WUSA reports that if charges are pressed against the girl, her home country would have to waive that diplomatic immunity.

The Washington Post reports:

Matthias Wehler, the spokesman for the German Embassy, said the young suspect is the daughter of an Embassy staff member. He said the matter would be thoroughly investigated and the parents could be disciplined if found to have contributed in any way.

“This will not be ignored,” Wehler said.

People on Twitter are not happy about the current outcome of the situation. They say it is unfair and that it seems like diplomats’ families have a free pass. Many people have tweeted that she should be punished. What do you think?


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