“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” – Lindsey Graham Drops Out!

“Today, I’m suspending my campaign for president. I believe we have run a campaign you can be proud of. We put forward bold and practical solutions to big problems like retiring our debt and fixing a broken immigration system. This has been a problem solver’s campaign.

However, the centerpiece of my campaign, has been securing our nation. I got into this race to put forward a plan to win a war we could not afford to lose and to turn back the tide of isolationism that was rising in our party. I believe we’ve made enormous progress in this effort.

Four months ago at the very first debate, I said that any candidate that did not understand that we need more American troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria to defeat ISIL was not ready to be commander-in-chief. At that time, no one stepped forward to join me. Today, most of my fellow candidates have come to recognize this is what’s needed to secure our homeland.

I am far more confident today that our party will reject the Obama doctrine of leading from behind and will provide the strong leadership America needs to restore our military, take the fight to our enemies and do what it takes to make our country safe and preserve our way of life.

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This is a generational struggle that demands a strategy and the will to win. I will continue to work every day to ensure that our party – and our nation – takes on this fight. I’m suspending my campaign, but never my commitment to achieving security through strength for the American people.

God Bless our fighting men and women and God Bless America.

Now, I’m not one to dance on the grave of a defeated foe… but somebody strike up the band.

My fellow conservatives, the libertarian perspective on foreign policy pushed forward by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) may not be the best thing for our nation but neither is Senator Graham’s vision of America at perpetual war. Graham is a liberal, big government Republican who is constantly pushing for more government involvement in our lives and more government spending abroad.

If you surf over to the Heritage Action Scorecard you’ll see that Graham is consistently voted the most liberal Republican in South Carolina, year in and year out! In fact, in this session of Congress he has earned a 36% from the Heritage Foundation, meaning that he is closer to Jim Clyburn (D-SC) at 13% than he is to his fellow Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) at 81% or Trey Gowdy at 80%!

Please join me as we say good riddance to bad rubbish and bid adieu to Lindsey Graham… there’s no Republican we’re happier to see lose.

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