Did Seth MacFarlane Put a Kevin Spacey Warning in “Family Guy”?

While he postures as a “gay man” the Kevin Spacey warning in the cartoon indicates there may be more pedophile acts to come to light.

Seth MacFarlane joked about Harvey Weinstein long before the media acknowledged the fact that he was a sexual predator. Now, it seems that he also knew that Kevin Spacey was a pedophile.


So here’s the question: Did MacFarlane hear of a single episode of man on boy sexual abuse? Or did he hear about Spacey’s perversion because it was a well-known behavior pattern?

Even CNN admits: “Seth MacFarlane joked about Kevin Spacey on ‘Family Guy’ episode.

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The actor/writer/director/singer drew both laughs and groans in 2013 with a bit about Harvey Weinstein during a nominations announcement at the Academy Awards.

Now MacFarlane is making headlines again for a joke about Kevin Spacey that appeared in a “Family Guy” episode from more than 10 years ago.

On Monday, a Twitter user posted a clip from a 2005 episode of MacFarlane’s animated series in which Stewie, the baby of the show’s family, running through a room yelling, “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement! Help me!”

“Family Guy with the Kevin Spacey reference twelve years ago… creepy,” Twitter user Josh Jordan wrote on Monday.

Read the entire CNN story.

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