Diamond & Silk BLAST Black Caucus for Staying Seated: ‘They’re Back in the 60s’

Popular Youtubers Diamond & Silk are causing waves within the community after they absolutely blasted Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus for remaining seated after President Trump announced the African-American unemployment hitting a historical low, during his State of the Union address.

Why would they stay seated? Why would they literally not cheer for something as great as that? Democrats preach that they care about the black community, yet they continuously prove otherwise with their actions. Do they not realize that actions speak louder than words?

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Lynette Hardaway (AKA Diamond) said, “These people are back in the 60s. This is 2018.”

“We are in a new era, a new America. This man is truly making America great again,” she questioned, “Why wouldn’t you be happy with us having more money in our pockets? [Democrats] want to hand you crumbs.”

She also added that Donald Trump is making changes for the better of ALL Americans. However, Democrats want to “take us back to the Jim Crow days, manipulating us, intimidating us and telling us how it’s gonna be.”

“The Democrats are acting just like their party’s symbol, and I’m not talking about a donkey,” Rochelle Richardson (AKA Silk) chimed in.

Diamond and Silk have become a refreshing voice for African Americans who remain silent in fear of being called names or worse for being Republicans. They may not speak openly about their love for Trump, but Diamond and Silk sure do!

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