DHS: More Than A Half Million People Tried To Illegally Cross The Southwest Border

On Tuesday the Department of Homeland Security announced that, in total, 521,090 individuals were either apprehended or deemed ”inadmissible” after arriving at a port of entry on the border during the 2018 fiscal year.

And since they only catch about 20% of them (maybe 25% on a good day) that means that somewhere between 2 million and 4 million made it in in that time period. 


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More than a half million people tried to cross the southwest border without authorization in fiscal year 2018, an increase of about 100,000 over the previous year’s total that was spurred by a surge in family migration from Central America.

A total of 521,090 people were either arrested or deemed inadmissible at U.S. ports of entry along the border, according to Customs and Border Protection figures released Tuesday. That compares to 415,517 in fiscal year 2017, a year that saw historically low levels of illegal immigration in the months after President Donald Trump assumed office.

Since then, however, illegal immigration has risen to levels seen during the second Obama administration. The rebound is due in large part to a stunning spike in attempted crossings by so-called “family units,” nearly all of which are from three Central American countries — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Border Patrol arrested 4,836 people traveling in family units along the southwest border in October 2017, the first month of the fiscal year. More

The Hill:

Roughly 54,000 family units were found to be inadmissible in that time span, the department said.

The total number of border apprehensions and individuals deemed inadmissible at the border was largely consistent with totals from the previous five years.

From fiscal 2013 through fiscal 2018, the total number of apprehensions and inadmissibles has fallen between 400,000 and 570,000 people.

The Trump administration has made cracking down on illegal immigration a focal point of its agenda. The administration drew backlash earlier this year when it enacted a “zero tolerance” policy that led to the separation of thousands of children from their parents when they illegally crossed the border. More

Half million arrested or inadmissible. No mention of how many were successful or legally admitted. Illegal aliens continue to exploit our immigration laws. We need to close dangerous loopholes that are being taken advantage of each and every day, and gain operational control of our border, and fully fund the border wall system ASAP! 

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