DHS: In 2017 More Than 600,000 Suspected In-Country Visa Overstays

DHS says it believes over 600,000 people were in the U.S. with expired visas on Oct. 1 last year.

That number comes from a DHS report on the number of people who overstayed their visas during the 2017 fiscal year.

According to their report, the country with the largest number of immigrants who overstayed their visas is Canada, with more than 92,000 during the fiscal year. Mexico followed with more than 47,000 overstays.


HS Today:

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The fiscal year 2017 report on visitors to the United States who overstayed entry-and-exit permissions pegged the overall rate during the period at 1.33 percent, with the greatest percentage of violators coming from the student or exchange visitor pool.

The Department of Homeland Security submitted the report to the leaders of the House and Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security committees and released it to the public Tuesday, studying foreign travelers who did not enter the country as immigrants but were expected to depart before the end of the fiscal year. This includes temporary workers and their families, students, exchange visitors, those visiting the U.S. for vacation, temporary visitors for business, etc.

There were 52,656,022 non-immigrant admissions through air and sea ports that fit these specifications within their fiscal year. There were 701,900 overstays.

“The U.S. government is using a multifaceted approach to enforce overstay violations, including improving entry and exit data collection and reporting, notifying visitors of an impending expiration of their authorized period of admission, canceling travel authorizations and visas for violators, recurrent vetting of many nonimmigrants, and apprehending overstays present in the United States,” DHS said.

The overstay rate from visa-waiver program countries was just 0.51 percent — with the greatest overstay rate violators Portuguese at 1.81 percent, Hungarians at 1.55 percent and Greeks at 1.25 percent — while that number jumped to 1.91 percent on average when counting just countries outside the VWP.

Of those here on an F, M, or J student or exchange visa, 4.15 percent of the 1,662,369 people admitted ended up staying past their scheduled departure days.  More

The government knows if you fail to pay your taxes on time but can’t seem to track visas.

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