Detroit Free Press: John Conyers Should Resign

Now that we know John Conyers settled sexual harassment lawsuits by making taxpayers pay without knowing, it is time to retire.

Will John Conyers quit his job as Representative? Personally, I doubt it. People in power rarely give it up willingly. They are too accustomed to having it and assume they are entitled to it.

But I think times are shifting. With all the stories of sexual harassment or worse now being revealed in Hollywood, the media, and the government, I suspect Conyers won’t be able to hold on to his seat in Congress much longer.

Lifezette reports, “Detroit Newspaper Calls on Conyers to Step Down.

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The sexual harassment disclosures that have hit Hollywood and the media have now hit Capitol Hill, and the latest scandal could cost the longest-serving House member his job.

On Wednesday, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) was asked to resign by his district’s largest newspaper, the Detroit Free Press, after reports that he settled a sexual harassment suit filed by a congressional staffer.

“His tenure as a member of Congress must end — now,” the Free Press editorial board wrote for the Wednesday edition. “He should resign his position and allow the investigation into his behavior to unfold without the threat that it would render him, and the people he now represents, effectively voiceless.”

The Free Press said a recent report by BuzzFeed made it impossible for Conyers to stay in Congress.

Read the entire Lifezette story.

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