Despite Media Reports, Women Have Not Rejected the GOP

I have seen many reports stating that women have begun to reject and turn on the GOP. I believe I speak for millions when I say: We are here to stay.

There are RINOS in our party, but they are being steadily uprooted. Conservative women are still standing strong with our party.

Do not let the recent loss of Republican Judge Roy Moore in Alabama for U.S. Senate fool you. Just because the left told lies to smear his name and his career, absolutely does not mean that women have turned.

An opinion piece on The Hill, written by Mindy Finn, states that women have rejected the GOP and the ship must be righted. I could not help but hear a strong feminist undertone as I read her piece.

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“The election in Alabama was not the first for Republicans featuring an allegedly misogynistic or sexually abusive candidate,” she wrote, and then continued on to dog out President Trump for the allegations against him.

Here’s the thing, both Moore and Trump have maintained their innocence. Not a single shred of CREDIBLE proof has been brought against them.

She continued, “Without an extreme intervention, female leaders in the party must recognize that the direction it’s headed under Trump is not one that advances women. Trump relies on women staff like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders to defend his well-documented history of alleged sexual misconduct but has selected almost no women for senior cabinet positions and less than 20 percent of his judicial nominations are female.”

Mindy then claims that Trump is “playing down to every misogynistic stereotype,” and adds that he is bringing the party down with him. 

I find this ironic because from my stance, I have only seen America flourish and Trump’s backing grow even stronger.

“Republican and conservative women, now is the time to push your party forward. If the GOP doesn’t take action against sexual harassment and assault,” Finn concluded, “women will continue to take action against the GOP like they did in Alabama.”

I don’t know about you, but I am a woman and I firmly stand behind both Donald Trump and Roy Moore. Unlike liberal, feminist women, we do not like to play victim.

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