Despite Hillary’s Lies, Trump Recruits Nothing Except Business


Despite Hillary, Trump Recruits Nothing Except Business


Hillary Clinton says that Trump is the biggest recruiter for ISIS and that ISIS is using Trump videos to recruit new members.


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Trump answered, “It’s just another Hillary lie. She lies like crazy about everything, whether it’s trips where she was being gunned down in a helicopter or an airplane. She’s a liar and everybody knows that. But she just made this up in thin air.’


In actuality, a  new ISIS recruitment video  shows Obama, Bush and McCain.  Bill Clinton is also shown and called the “fornicator.”  Great image for our country. Remember when the Democrats said his sex life was his own business.  But it’s not his own business  when he embarrasses us to the world and  weakens us with our enemies.


So our great feminist, Hillary, is married to a fornicator who harassed, possibly raped,  women.


This denigrating video of the U.S. is not about Trump.  He isn’t even in it.  He is not a recruiting tool. It is about Obama and his fellow cheating Democrats.


Idiot Democrats think that poor living conditions and lack of jobs cause terrorism.  Despite the fact that most of the 9/11 terrorists were well to do and educated. What’s truth?  I suppose it’s what a public relations person can sell.


Terrorism is the result of a diseased, Islamic theocratic brain and killing is its celebration of loyalty to God.


Isis’s hate is purely, religious.  They do not believe American propaganda.  They do not recruit terrorists according to our dictates. Their terrorists are God and hate driven.


Trump does not make ISIS as mad as Clinton’s fornication disgusts them.  Fornication?  That’s something Hillary has had very little of.

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