Despite Attacks and Persecution, Record Number of Muslim Refugees Converting to Christianity!

Despite physical and sexual abuse at a refugee camp in Hamburg, Germany, nearly 80 Muslim refugees in Germany rejected the ideology of Muhammad and Islam and embraced Christianity.

International Christian Concern noted, “While Christian converts suffer in great measures at the hands of their Muslim neighbors in Germany, around 80 refugees were recently baptized into Christianity. Paster Albert Babajan conducted the mass baptism in Hamburg earlier this week. The vast majority of those converting to Christianity claim to be disappointed and dissatisfied with Islam.”

The story originated out of Mohabat news, and Iranian Christian news agency. They reported on a couple of the converts.

“I’ve been looking all my life for peace and happiness, but in Islam, I have not found it,” said Shima, a female Christian convert who was recently baptized. “To be a Christian means happiness to me.”

“In Islam, we always lived in fear. Fear God, fear of sin, fear of punishment,” added another convert by the name of Somaz. “However, Christ is a God of love.”

Some might rightly question how you would know true converts from Islam from those who might engage in taqiyyah in order to gain an advantage.

Pastor Babajan said that he questions some of the conversions because he believes they may simply be doing so not out of true conviction, but simply to have protection and not be sent back to their home countries where they may face death. So, to determine those who are true converts, Babajan asks them how the Lord Jesus Christ has changed their lives.

“Because the Christian faith changed the way of thinking, the world view,” he said. “If someone told me that at night he can sleep again or an old enemy could forgive, then I know that in his heart he is a Christian.”

“There are maybe 20 or 30 per cent who really want to hear the gospel,” he added. “For those who want to have a license, I must face the door… It is very easy, whoever does not believe will not be baptized.”

Indeed, when one is truly converted to Christ, one understands mercy and so is willing to extend similar mercy in forgiveness towards fellow sinners.

While I do believe that Christians should be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves, as the Lord Jesus taught, part of that wisdom is being expressed by Pastor Babajan in dealing with those who profess to leave the anti-Christ religion of Islam and follow in the footsteps of King Jesus.

I hope God will continue to use the dear Christians of Germany to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Muslims who are entering their borders and use what the enemies of Christ desire for evil for good.

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