Dems Push Legislation to Force Electors to Vote for Winner of National Popular Vote

While prospects of scrapping the Electoral College altogether remain scant, there is a movement joined by some eleven states to force each state’s electors to vote for whomever wins the national popular vote, disregarding whoever wins each state. If those rules had been in place this election, Hillary would have been awarded the presidency.

Democrats are looking ahead to 2020 and hoping to prevent another Republican from winning the general election despite losing the national popular vote.

“Every vote in this country should have equal weight,” said Connecticut state Sen. Mae Flexer. “The Electoral College is a relic of a bygone era, and we need to change this system.” Flexer filed a piece of legislation with other fellow Democrats requiring her state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The Associated Press reported:

The states that have already passed legislation to join the group represent 165 electoral votes. Typically reliably Democratic states, the list includes California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and D.C. — all where Democrat Hillary Clinton defeated Republican Donald Trump.

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Obviously, this would completely render the Electoral College useless, which is exactly their intent. If all electors are required to vote for whomever won the national popular vote, then the whole thing becomes a useless formality. The next step would then be to abolish the Electoral College and just give the presidency to whomever wins more votes nationally.

Theoretically, a person could win a few populous states, lose the rest, but still win the presidency. So, we’d leave the voting to places like California and New York.

But proponents of this movement say that every voter would be relevant under a purely popular vote system. Associated Press reported:

The compact wouldn’t benefit any one party, said Patrick Rosenstiel, a consultant to National Popular Vote, the group that has been pushing for the compact since 2006. Rather, the Republican said, it will encourage candidates to campaign in every state, regardless of its politics, and make every voter relevant.

“Right now we’ve got a system where the battleground states have all the political influence,” he said.

As unfair as liberals say the Electoral College is, deciding elections based purely on national popular vote would be much more unfair. The only reason they’re pushing it is that Democrats could benefit greatly from its abolishment.

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