Dems Aren’t Pro-America, Need More Proof?

So, with his best speech to date, as far as being “Presidential,” inspiring, and patriotic, the democrat’s balloon is now deflated.  I mean, just look at those expressions!  Theirs is akin to a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way?

Then, as if those democrat pouts weren’t enough, when the House became filled with “USA, USA, USA” chants, there on camera was that fleeing Gutierrez, scurrying up the aisle.  At that point, with what seemed to be an exclamation mark from the democrat contingent, not much was left to debate; what makes America great is what makes the democrats angry!

For all intents and purposes, what has rankled the democrats and even some republicans is an issue that by law is not!  Just how can our government operate efficiently when obstructionist viewpoints continue to wrangle forth?

Certainly, from a legal standpoint, there is ample and legal justification to slam close this entire immigration/invasion debate.  And it needs emphasizing, America’s immigration system is not broken; it just requires as does any law, enforcement!

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What was on display during our President’s State of the Union message on Tuesday night was the predictable results from when enforcement of our immigration statutes are left floundering in the wind.  We have petulance, obstruction and defiance and it’s all in support of this illegal presence.

Two factors feed this outlawry.  First is the greed which the lure of cheap labor attracts.  In turn, this becomes a magnet to those who are so desperate that they would do anything and go anywhere for the buck!  The result is that these unfortunates become the pawns which greases this entire illegal mechanism.

Secondly, there is the get rich type of scheming from the democrat machine.  Gone are the days of having to answer to the constituent back in the district.  Now, we jettison entire banks of voters, such as the white blue collar working force, who expect promises to be kept, in favor of the newly arrived, who by their very circumstance will accommodate to remain.

Think about the millions of immigrants who obviously would gravitate to any force that supports their sanctuary.  And when watering down the requirements for voting, their democrat allegiance is certain.  No wonder those pesky blue collar workers have fallen on hard times and deaf ears.

But then, a joker appeared.  Having taken the easy win twice with the first black to become elected President, it was now time for Hillary Clinton to slide into the Oval Office.  Still that joker had yet to be heard.  Not only heard but he somehow survived all his republican opposition.  The chain of command, from Obama to Clinton was severed and in the House Chamber on Tuesday night, the sullen faces were a stark reminder that yes, America remains strong because of her strong citizens.

Yet, this hardly settles our dilemma since we have a President who compromised, but as luck would have, his gesture appeared as a weakening from opposition eyes.  So much so that his 1.8 million “dreamer” offer was met with a resounding response which not only rejected but in effect, halted all further discussions.  And their faces during the SOTU speech seemed to close the deal!

What the media will not comment about is that this democratic stance is inherently anti-American, even touching upon being treasonous.  Just what are these “public servants” elected into office for?  Is it to protect the illegal or to serve their Country and citizens back at home?  This entire fiasco is just that; a travesty which threatens our governing and our societal order.

In what had to be considered as one of the greatest of SOTU deliverances, President Trump furthered his legitimacy and his leadership qualities.  However this infuriated his opposition.  Having America rebound from those Obama doldrums is not their intended prescription.  Dependency is now the democrat’s objective for building their socialistic community.

Today, the democrat party’s heart follows the seasonal worker who is only too happy just in being here.  Conversely, the individual options which are directly contributive to a healthy income, has become the foreign intruder.  And to think, all this visibility from just one Trump address!

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