Democrats Winning Elections: Sign of Trouble?

There are Democrats winning elections in some special races and they are hoping for more in 2018.

The main people who should pay attention to Democrats winning elections are Republicans in Congress. No matter who is the Republican president, Congress has been promising Obamacare repeal and tax relief for many years. Publicly failing of these issues will reflect badly on Donald Trump but much worse on them and could result in Democrats winning elections to the extent that they get back in power.

McClatchy reports, “Dems are starting to win state races in Trump districts.

Democrats are winning special elections this year. Just not the ones most people are paying attention to.

In a party desperate for victories, Democratic candidates are finding the most success in little-noticed state legislative races. They’ve already won four seats previously under Republican control, some of them in battleground districts that split evenly between President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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Party leaders say it’s a sign that they are benefitting from a broad backlash to the Republican president, one that failed to lift a quartet of special election U.S. House candidates — including Jon Ossoff in Georgia or Rob Quits in Montana — to victories of their own.

Especially for a party eager to win back state legislative seats next year, they hope the small races foreshadow big things in the midterm elections.


Republicans and even some independent analysts say it’s premature to draw firm conclusions about the national political environment, and they point out that GOP candidates also have won a handful of competitive state legislative races.

But the Democrats do have a relatively successful scorecard. Last week, a Democratic Senate candidate in New Hampshire defeated a Republican by 11 percentage points — 10 points more than Clinton’s margin in that district last year.

That came on top of a pair of victories earlier in July in deep-red Oklahoma, where Democratic candidates won GOP districts in the House and Senate. The party also flipped seats in the New Hampshire state House and New York State general assembly, each also in a district Trump won.

There’s no reason to panic yet. These victories may merely be the result of having so few candidates that they can afford to spend a lot on them. Also, as the story reveals, the Trump-hating progressives are volunteering for their campaigns. In 2018 there will be a lot more races and the Leftists will be unable to concentrate their resources in that way.

Read the entire McClatchy story.

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