Democrats: the Party of the Perverts

Democrat Perverts From Spitzer On Down


Why are the arrogant big mouths often whoremasters?  Now Eliot Spitzer’s has choked his Russian hooker girlfriend, Svetlana Travis.


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Of course he lost his governorship for sexing hookers with his black socks on. And now he’s at it again.  And besides the fashion faux pas of wearing black socks, he has now tried to strangle his girlfriend.


I remember him strutting around as the governor accusing every one of sins that they might or might not have committed.  He was picking on Hank Greenberg as if Hank were a gangster when the real gangster was Spitzer himself.


At least Hank never strangled a hooker. Although I wish he had strangled conceited Spitzer.


And Spitzer was always so haughty and cock sure of himself.  In the long run it seems that the only cock he could be sure of was his own chasing after young women to satisfy his ugly, warty ego.


And his fellow Democrat Anthony Weiner was also obsessed with his sexual member, sexting it to numerous young women while he stomped around the halls of Congress trying to seem purer than purer.


And to add to the Democrat perverts, what was Clinton doing with teenagers on Epstein’s island?

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