Democrats Says VA Is Great! No Problems Here

Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) wins the award for most nonsensical statement of the last week. Giving her this award means a lot – she has to compete with every other ridiculous comment made by elected Democrat officials.

What could she have said to earn this dubious honor?

She was giving a statement on the VA Scandal when she began to talk about how great things were in Florida. And she let go with this little pearl…

“I did my reconnaissance in Florida, I could tell you, we’re doing fine in Florida.”

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(Watch the entire debacle of a statement and her attempts to wrestle with the English language.)

Apparently Rep. Brown has not been paying attention to the news coming out of Florida over the last few days.

Florida will sue the Department of Veterans Affairs because the agency is “stonewalling” state health care inspectors who have been denied access to veteran’s hospitals, Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday.

The announcement sets up a legal fight between Florida officials who say they need access to VA facilities and records to protect veterans and VA leaders who insist that no state has oversight of federal hospitals.

“We’re committed to being the most veteran-friendly state in the nation, and reports of deaths, neglect, poor conditions and a secret waiting list in federal VA hospitals in Florida are unacceptable,” Scott said in a written statement. “Transparency and accountability are critical to supporting our veterans, and this suit will fight the federal VA’s continued practice of stonewalling our inspectors.”


NPR’s Greg Allen reports that Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he plans to file a lawsuit against Veterans Affairs to be able to inspect and regulate VA facilities in his state.

“Several times over the past month, inspectors with Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration have been denied access to six VA facilities in the state. The state says it wants to ensure the facilities meet the health care needs of Florida Veterans,” Greg reports.

The VA hospital in Gainesville has reportedly placed three employees on leave after an audit found the names of more than 200 veterans on a handwritten list. The veterans were waiting for appointments and hadn’t yet been entered into the electronic scheduling system, Greg says.

Things are as bad in the Florida VA System as they are in the rest of the country. Maybe Rep. Brown has simply spent too much time in Washington and not enough time in Florida. While Rep. Brown has a long history of saying ridiculous things, don’t expect it to actually affect her ability to get reelected – she’s represented her district since the early 80’s and won her last campaign by almost 50% of the vote.

I’m afraid we’re stuck with her in Congress for the time-being, as the voters in her district seem to have no shame.

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