Democrats Prove Worthlessness – Re-Elect Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader

Since the election of President Barack Obama some six years ago the Democrat Party has been on a steady and precipitous decline, much of that thanks to the leadership skills of Nancy Pelosi and her Senate counterpart Harry Reid. Yet it seems that both Pelosi and Reid will continue to guide their Party for the foreseeable future.

Even though the Democrats have suffered crushing defeat after crushing defeat over the last few years, on Tuesday they chose to stay their course and reelected Representative Nancy Pelosi to serve as their leader in the House for another two years. At 74 years old, Pelosi has already led House Democrats for the last 12 years, and no doubt hopes that the next two will be better than the last six.


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From Politico:


Pelosi was unopposed in the election and earned broad support from the Democratic Caucus despite grumbling from some lawmakers that Democrats needed a new message to excite voters after a devastating Election Day loss…

nancyclownPelosi was approved unanimously on a voice vote, with “no nays audible in the room,” the aide said.

Following her election, Pelosi spoke briefly, calling House Democrats the strongest team on the field.” Pelosi said Democrats need to rebuild consensus within their caucus – badly shaken by defeat they suffered on Nov. 4 – and renew their focus on “middle-class issues.”

The caucus also reelected the entire Democratic leadership team along with Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) as a top Pelosi lieutenant on policy and communications. Israel served as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the last four years.

These decisions by the Democrat caucus prove that the Party has not learned the lessons of the Obama years. The nation may not be as conservative as it once was, but we are hardly the liberal nation that the Democrats like to pretend we are. The Democrats have led Congress to all time lows in Congressional approval, all while running the least productive Congress in history. From 2008 – 2010 President Obama was leading from the White House and the Democrat Party held a majority in the House, and a super-majority in the Senate… and yet the only thing they could accomplish was ramming a very unpopular Healthcare bill down our throats. (They couldn’t even pass a budget in those years!)

Today, Obamacare is MORE UNPOPULAR than ever, and so are the Democrats.

Yet, they chose to keep all of their failed leaders in place. I guess they’ve never heard the definition of insanity…

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