Democrats Pretending to be Conservative are ALL Radicals who Support Obama’s Policies!

“The fact of the matter is none of these Democrats that are running are moderates, they’re all radicals. None of them believe in small government. They all believe in massive centralized government.”    — Mark Levin

Mark Levin was on with Sean Hannity when he let go with these beautiful pearls of wisdom.


Of course, Levin is right. The Democrats are, for the most part, radical leftists in moderate clothing. The vast majority of the Senate Democrats have supported upwards of 95% of President Obama’s agenda. Our modern day Democrats know how to dress, act and speak like moderates while actually voting and legislating as radicals. This is how they’ve managed to win the votes of moderates all over the country. If not for this little game Democrat politicians play, the only places where they’d ever win are on the coasts and in the big cities.

So, as long as the mushy, low information middle keeps voting for them… the Democrats will keep pretending to be moderate-conservatives, all while pushing the country every leftward.

Check out the entire interview here; it’s well worth the 6 or 7 minutes of your time.

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