Democrats Get Ambushed with the Truth – the Results are Hilarious

A couple of days ago, we introduced you to Jason Mattera and his new book (which releases yesterday).

What you may not have known was that we at Eagle Rising were already big fans of Jason Mattera long before his book Crapitalism.

You might remember that back in June we showed you video of Mattera confronting Hillary Clinton about Benghazi scandal. Or about a week later when Fox News host bill O’Reilly decided to chastise Mattera (and defend Hillary Clinton) for his ambush tactics – we sided with Jason.

That ambush of Clinton was probably one of our favorite Mattera moments… but the folks at the Daily Surge have compiled 5 of Jason’s favorite ambushes, and boy are they a sight to behold. Watch (and Enjoy) as the intrepid and brave Jason Mattera makes mincemeat out of these about-to-be-ambushed liberals.

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Thanks, Jason! We are big fans of this guy…

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