Democrats Favorite New Phrase Will Disgust You

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) lost his cool during a recent press conference on the Bowe Bergdahl incident.

Reporters were wondering about the timing of a phone call that Senator Reid says he got from the White House about the kerfuffle.

Senator Reid’s office claims that the White House let them know about the decision to trade Bergdahl for five Taliban terrorists on Friday night, but no other Congressmen were informed until Saturday.

The White House at first disputed Reid’s claim, at which point Senator Reid’s office doubled-down and said that they had most definitely been made aware Friday night. Now the White House won’t say anything about this little hiccup in their timetable.

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harry-reid-fingerSo reporters have turned back to Reid, who is the only party in this drama talking, to ask him about the timing of the phone call. Reid chose to turn to the new favorite response of lowlife Democrats…

“I’m not sure I’m the only one. I mean this has made a big deal over nothing. The whole deal is, ‘Is it Friday or Saturday?’ What difference does it make? What difference does it make?”

Why don’t Democrats understand that the government lying to the American people is a BIG deal?

They keep saying “What difference does it make?”

The reason reporters are asking the questions is because there are discrepancies in the stories coming out of the government… and discrepancies often mean lies.

That’s the difference. We want to know if we are being lied to (again), and we want to know who is lying.

Is it just me, or is Harry Reid the kind of guy who makes your skin crawl?

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